Stratigos Winery begun in 1997 in Kythera, Greece. With an annual production of 25,000 bottles per year covering 5 different types of wine, Stratigos offers a high end product, from cultivation to harvest till the packaging. “The history of the winery goes way back. Our father Nikos Stratigos grew his own grape wine. Working hard but with patience he made his own wine. We maintain the same love and care for wine and with the help of technology and the know-how, we continue to grow our own vines.”

I was assigned to create the branding and visual identity of the winery. My response to complement the to requirements of the product was to use simple materials such as carton and one colour. The creative solution was of a both aesthetic and practical nature resulting in a multiple use packaging. Also I directed the photo shooting which was used on the leaflet and website.
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